Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Course registration

When I was younger my mother always told me that "you cant always have what you want", and that is often how it is. Some weeks ago I sent a mail to the international office with a numerical list of the courses I wanted to attend at Stritch. Today, as the course registration started, I was told which courses I was registered in (marked red):

1.       CA 243 Gender and Communication (3 Cr.)
2.       CA 301 Advanced Public Speaking (3 Cr.)
3.       BU 105 Entrepreneurship (3 Cr.)
4.       CE-ART 192 Introduction to Photography (3.Cr)
5.       CA 252 Persuasive Communication (3 Cr.)
6.       CA 206 Interviewing Techniques (3 Cr.)
7.       CA 210 Group Communication (3 Cr.)
8.       CA 310 Argumentation and Debate (3 Cr.)

9.    SPN 102 Elementary Spanish (3.Cr)
9.       CA 221 Introduction to Broadcasting (3 Cr.)
10.   BU 331 Advertising (3 Cr.)
11.   CA 245 Nonverbal Communication (3 Cr.)
12.   CA 246 Leadership and Communication (3 Cr.)
13.   CA 400 Practicum (3 Cr.)

    It looks like I am only going to study communication this spring at Stritch. I was hoping to study Digital Photography and Entrepreneurship as well, but it seems like they were either full or not offered this semester.

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