Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Precautionary Principle: Student insurance

There have been plenty of examples in the newspapers about Norwegians abroad, who were not covered by the Norwegian Welfare Administration when working or studying in US. It is a myth that American hospitals will not give you treatment if you do not have health insurance, but everything will be a lot easier and it can save you from being economically ruined when studying. Norwegian travel insurances will just cover about 45 days of travel. It is therefore imporant to have a student insurance, which covers damages and losses outside of Norway, or just in the US. The two biggest insurance companies for people studying outside of Norway are "Gouda Travels" and "ANSA" (Association for Norwegian Students Abroad). I decided to go for the ANSA insurance, which covers everything I could think of, including extremesports, which was not offered by Gouda. But for both insurances it is important to fill out a form for membership in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV-Utland), to get the same medical rights as if you would be living in Norway.

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