Thursday, April 15, 2010


About an hour South-West of Milwaukee, there is a place where you can go skydiving cheaply. If you book early, you don't have to pay to more than a hundred dollars for a skydive in April.
I was pretty nervous at the beginning, but this was something I had wanted to do ever since I was little, so I was determined to go through with my decision. The most scary part was standing on the ground, seeing the small, plane that we were going up with, filled with holes and duct tape. It was almost not enough room for the four of us (the pilot, the instructor and the cameramen). The most complicated and scary part was crawling out on the outside of the plane at 1200 feet, without being allowed to hold on to the plane. When we were all outside of the plane, we jumped and made a roll/flip in the air, before we had around 40 seconds of free falling, which was just AMAZING. When the instructor pulled the string of the parachute, I was both relieved and exited, and wanted to go up again as soon as I landed. It was really a great experience that everyone should have once in a lifetime.I myself went from deadly nervous to overwhelmingly exited and revealed in one day.
A video of my dive can be found at Sky-Knights own webpages:

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