Monday, March 08, 2010

The cheapest way for money transfers?

When I came here, I brought some dollars for startup that I had bought at a bank in Norway. After a short while I found out that it was cheap and easy to get an American account and debit card. I you go to Norwthshore, they actually offer you 50$ to open an account there. I used to transfer money from my Norwegian account to the American account, but now, when looking at my account overview, I have found out that this has been very expensive. I have found out that the cheapest way for me to get money over to my American account is to withdraw the maximum amount of money(400$) at the ATM at stritch, which costs around 1,5$ to the American bank plus 35NOK to my Norwegian bank. This is still cheaper, as they do not charge you a certain percentage like on international money transfers. The money that you get from the ATM can you just use as cash or deposit it on the American account. It is not as easy, but still cheaper than regular money transfers.


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