Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Land of Oppurtunities

The good thing about living in the States is that there is always something to do. If you go for a walk downtown Milwaukee, you will see posters for all kind of events. Including the metropolitan area, Milwaukee has more than 1,7 million people and an hour south in Chigaco there are more people living in the city than in the whole of Norway. This is probably the reason why there is always something happening. Yesterday me and a friend wanted to try something new, so we got into our Thai-dye shirts and went to a alternative-reggae concert. During the concert, people made a big circle and people that had something to show could go into the middle to do their tricks. It was very fascinating to see all the people showing different things such as blowing dog balloons, making tricks with a crystal ball, juggling, dancing with hula hoops or with ropes that were on fire. It was like everyone tried to express their individuality, by showing their skills. This really made me thinking what skills I have, and it made me realize that I do not know any tricks like this. Maybe now is a good time to learn?
Video of the girl dancing with ropes that were on fire:

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