Sunday, May 09, 2010

Getting a new passport in Washington DC

If you, as Norwegian, would have lost your passport while you were in the US you would have to go to one of the Norwegian consulates in the US to get an emergency passport, or you would have to go to Washington DC to get a real passport. As I still have lots of travelling ahead of me, I went for the last option. What I did was to fly to Washington DC, take the  red metro line from Metro Center to Cleveland Park, and walked a couple of blocks south and about four blocks east to get to the Embassy, which is located right by most of the embassies in DC. You know when you have come to the right embassy when you see a statue of Queen Sonja and the Norwegian flag hanging outside a while building. There are no guards outside the building, and when you come in, you are greeted with a friendly "god dag!". They were very helpful with the applications that had to be filled in and offered me water and telephone call to Norway. All I had to bring in to get a new passport was just a form of ID, and a declaration that I did not apply for an other citizenship. The application was sent the same day, and I recieved the passport in my mail about nine days after.

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