Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crossing the Atlantic the fun way

A total of 10 hour flights from Oslo-Copenhagen-New York- Milwaukee can be enough to make you tired for a couple of days. As if this was not enough, I had to wait another 4 hours in Copenhagen, without knowing anything about why the departure time had changed without notice.  When I contacted the flight company SAS I was told that the flight was delayed due to technical problems. There was nothing they could to make the flight earlier, so they just gave me some coupons for food and drinks which I enjoyed while waiting for the aircraft to get ready. When I got to Newark, New Jersey I had no chance to make it to my transfer in La Guary cadia, New York, so I went straight to SAS again, to ask them for guidance. Lucky as I was, a friend of mine came to pick me up at the airport by car. When we went to the counter to ask for coupons and free accomodation, the flight company thought that we both voctims of the flightdelay on the flight Copenhagen. When we recieved the coupons, we noticed that they had given us double up (50$ for food instead of 25$ and a double room with breakfast instead of a single room). This was really more than we could hope for, as we had more time to spend together and a lot of free coupons to use, so we decided to go out and celebrate. She drove us into the city, which was even more beutiful at night than I could imagine. The nightlife in NY was great, even on a wednesday, and we managed not to drink too much so that I reached my plane at 7 o'clock the next morning.

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