Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soda, Candy & Ice Cream

Reese's Pieces are small M&M lookalike candies, which have a hard Hearshey's chocolate shell, but are filled with peanutbutter. I remember eating my fist Reese's Piece and instantly spitting it out, thinking that it was an M&M, but now as I have gotten used to them I think they are pretty good.

Root beer is something I do not, and never will like. If I would have tasted it blindfolded I would have guessed that it was toothpaste mixed with medicine. There are also other kinds of soda you can find here, which is not in Norway, such as Pink Lemonade, Mountain Dew(different kinds) and Cherry Coke/ Pepsi Wild Cherry, which I have come to like a lot since I came here. What I was shocked to see and taste was the cherry M&M's, which look like normal red M&M's, but taste like cherry chocolate.

Ice cream is different here as well. Here at school, they have an icecream machine which makes normal icecream, but if you go to Kopps they would serve custard, which is whipped and pressure cooked milk, sugar and egg yolk, which is frozen and served in a waffle cone. When first trying it, it tastes really sweet and good, but unlike icecream I could only eat a couple of spoons of this, before I would have gotten sick of it. Another kind of ice that we do not have in Norway, are the dippin' dots, which is freeze dried dots of icecream. If you try eating them rightaway, they would burn a littlebit in your mouth. It was a littlebit weird putting something dry into your mouth and feel it turn into icecream in your mouth, but I think this will be the icecream of the future, and it is probably just a matter of time before it reaches Norway.

One type of candy that they do not have here is the Scandinavian salmiak liquorice. As I came here, I brought and 800grams box of Pingvin liquorice, which lasted for just a couple of weeks. I tried giving it to Americans as well, but very few liked it. In fact, most of them spitted it out right away and thought it was disgusting.

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