Sunday, February 07, 2010

Theaters in Milwaukee

When googling "mvoie theaters in Milwaukee", seven different theaters came up. As I have been here, I have been to two of them, and there is also a small one here at school, which shows movies once a week. The different theaters I have been to so far are:

Marcus North Shore Theater is one of the closest theaters to Stritch. This theater looks very much like an Hotel, where all the workers are wearing suits, they havered carpeted floor, with a lot of gold covered objects. They have restaurants, and even a bar outside of the movie area, and some of their movies are shown in UltraScreen. I went to see the Edge of Darkness in the Ultrascreen auditorium, which had three stories of big comfortable seats(more comfortable than "luxussalen" in my hometown Stavanger) and a big clear screen. Ticketprice: 8,50$

Humphrey IMAX-dome is at Milwaukee Public Museum. The theater has an auditorium with seats that you can lean down and look up at the ceiling which is one big screen, covering the walls of the whole auditorium. This gives you a 3D experience, as all you can see, is the screen. I saw a documentary about fishing and sealife in South Africa, and had to close my eyes regularly, because I became sick when they flew over the shore and when there was too much going on for my brain to register. Ticketprice 5$

Cardinal Stritch University also show movies in a big auditorium every Thursday. The seats are like regular theater seats in Norway, and they serve free popcorn by the entrance. Ticketprice: Free

A difference between theaters in Norway and theaters in the US is also that you do not have to pick your own seats when purchasing tickets. This is fair for the people that arrive early to the theater, but bad for those who booked their tickets online/by phone and came late.


Lí - 丽拉 said...

& popcorn price? it's nice to hear that in America ppl DO sth for the joy (haha :D) of the students...

btw IMAX is the best thing ever! we have it here in Hungary as well... loving it! :D

Jørn Bjørn Augestad said...

Dunno about the popcorn price, it was free at school, and when we went to North Shore we just brought snacks from a local grocery store right outside the theater;)

Lí - 丽拉 said...

the popcorn is for free @ the free movie evening?
maaan I'm soo jealous!

Anonymous said...

Tror ikke den kinosalen hadde vært noe for meg. Husker bare da vi såg Star Wars i Frankrike, satt med øynene igjen stort sett hele filmen.